Texas PSI Exam – Important Articles of the NEC Chapter 2

Get to know ch two for the Texas PSI exam.


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Texas PSI Exam Prep – Chapter 2 Review

There are some sections of ch. two that you will run across on in the test.  You’ll also have some smaller sections that we are not going to focus on today since they account for less than two questions out of 100.


You’ll see these in the exam, so write this down.


Here are the most important Articles in Chapter 2:

210…Branch Circuit Rules & Requirements. – You’ll also find the rules for GFCI installation, your arc fault rules and requirements.




220…Calculations. – This article is specific calculations. The test is very heavy on article 220. You’ve got to know article 220 very well.  In the seminar we go through it a lot.  You’ll leave the seminar with 220 oozing out of your ears. 


This will actually be useful for you.  It is a good tool to know for your trade. 


225…Outside Circuits and Feeders.


230…Services. – Oftentimes you’ll see test questions that have references to both Articles 225 and 230. It’s a two-part lookup question where you have to look up an outside service issue.


So you’ll have to refer to both articles in order to answer that question.


240…OCPD (Breakers/Fuses). – In article 240 is your overcurrent protective devices


250…Grounding. – You’re going to have quite a few grounding questions.  The separately derived system category in the PSI candidate bulletin that actually has a lot to do with grounding.


You’ll see separately derived system grounding rules and procedures set out and stipulated.

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