Residential dwelling videos for your CEU.

Continuing Education Units Required by TDLR

In Texas, electricians must take 4 hours of continuing education courses that include:

  • The current NEC
  • TX State law & rules that regulate the conduct of licensees, &
  • Safety as defined in the NFPA 70E

The courses listed in Jade Learning are approved for all Texas electrical license types. You can take any continuing education course Jade Learning offers.

REMINDER: Your renewal deadline is every year before the license expiration date.

You can take this course online for free.  You only pay $35 when you are ready to have Jade Learning report your CEU hours to TDLR.


What Does Residential Dwelling Videos Cover?

This video course explains how to correctly wire a residential dwelling per the requirements of the 2017 NEC. 


There is NO test.


Part 1 covers wiring a residential dwelling

Part 2 Electrical safety & Review important requirements of NFPA 

Part 3 Covers Texas laws and rules

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